Photo Share Guidelines

Mariposa Photo Club
2019 Photo Share Guidelines

Number of Images

For now please continue to submit no more than three images each month for Photo Sharing and Critique.

Image Format

JPEG File Format
JPEG Quality 10 (or 80%)
sRGB Color Space
1200 pixels on the long edge

File Naming

Please consider giving your images a descriptive or clever title, and name the files with this title. Please use underscores instead of spaces to separate words and refrain from using punctuation in the filename, e.g.:


If you wish for your photo(s) to be shared without being critiqued you may preference the filename with “NC”, e.g.:


Allow Critique?

We encourage all members who submit their images to allow them to be critiqued as it benefits all members of the club. However, if you would prefer that your images only be displayed and not critiqued, please indicate this either in the body of the e-mail message when you submit your photos or prefix the filenames with “NC” as described in the “File Naming” section above.

Submission – When?

Please submit your images by noon the day of the photo club meeting.

Submission – Where?

Submit photos by e-mail to