Constitution and Bylaws




The name of this organization shall be Mariposa Photo Club.

ARTICLE II (Purpose and objective)

This club was organized in February 1995. It is established as a community-oriented, non-profit group of adults, to promote interest and skills in photography.

ARTICLE III (Membership)

1. Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18.

2. All members, whose participation meets the requirements, set forth in these constitution and By-Laws may speak, make motions, hold office and vote.

ARTICLE IV (Officers)

1. Officers shall be President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2. Officers shall be nominated and elected in November of each year, and take office in January

3. Officer’s duties shall be those customarily pertaining to the offices to which elected.

4. No two family members may serve as officers in the same term.

5. All officers may be re-elected to the same position for three consecutive terms. After at least one term out of that particular office, person may be re-elected to the same office and serve again. (Effective as of 2017 officers).

ARTICLE V (Vacancies)

1. If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason the Vice-President shall fulfill the balance of the term of office.

2. If any other office becomes vacant the president may appoint someone to serve the balance of the term of office.

ARTICLE VI (Meetings)

1. Regular meetings shall be held the second Wednesday of each month.

2. Special meetings may be called by the president.

ARTICLE VII (Constitution Amendments)

1. The constitution may be amended at any regular scheduled meeting by a 2/3 majority vote of members present, provided a notice of intention to amend the constitution has been sent to all members in writing one month prior to said meeting.

ARTICLE VIII (Fiscal Year)

Club fiscal year shall be January 1 to December 31 of the calendar year.

ARTICLE IX (Approval of Constitution & By-laws)

This constitution and by-laws shall be officially adopted upon approval by a vote of 2/3 of the members present at a regular meeting, following the requirements set forth in article VII.

ARTICLE X (Quorum)

1. A quorum of membership at any regular meeting to conduct business shall consist of not less than ½ the members present at said meeting plus 1.

2. A quorum of the executive committee for transaction of club business shall consist of not less than 5 members of said committee. (executive committee consists of elected officers and other committee chairs appointed by ther president.)

ARTICLE XI (Dissolution of club)

All assets upon the dissolution of the club shall be distributed to the Mariposa County 4-H photography project and/or other youth groups in Mariposa.

BY-LAWS ARTICLE I (Duties of the officers)

1. The president shall be the club spokesperson, generally direct club activities, preside at meeting, and appoint all committees. The president shall be co-signer on club bank accounts.

2. The Vice President shall assist the president in the execution of office duties, perform activities at the direction of the President, and succeed to the office of president in the permanent absence of the President for the remainder of the term of office.

3. The Secretary shall keep a record of all meetings. The Secretary shall provide the minutes of the meetings to the editor for inclusion in the newsletter. The secretary shall be a co-signer on the club accounts.

4. The Treasurer shall receive and keep all funds, pay all bills, and keep a record Of membership.

    (a) The treasurer is authorized to disburse funds for any single transaction up to $50.00 without the approval of the executive committee, and up to $100.00 with the approval of one additional member of the executive committee. Any disbursement over $100.00 shall be voted on by members of the club in attendance at any general meeting. All checks shall be signed by two officers.

    (b) The treasurer shall chair the ways and means committee.

5. The Executive Committee shall be composed of the elected officers, chairpersons of standing committees and such advisory members as may be appointed by the president. The committee shall meet month, at a time and place set by the President, to discuss the business of the club.

ARTICLE II (Membership)

1. Membership is open to anyone interested in photography and over the age of 18 years of age.

2. Dues shall be $12.00 per year.

3. Dues for new members shall be prorated.

4. Members who have not paid their dues by March 1 shall be dropped from the roster.

5. Dues are non-refundable.

ARTICLE III (Terms of office)

1. Officers shall serve from the January meeting to December 31 of the calendar year.

2. Terms of office shall be for one year and shall coincide with the clubs fiscal year. All officers can be re-elected to the same post.

ARTICLE IV (Elections)

Officers shall be elected by a majority vote of the members attending the November meeting. If there is more than one nominee for any office, voting shall be conducted by a show of hands. The candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office shall be declared elected.

ARTICLE V (Changes to By-laws)

Changes to these By-laws must be made in accordance of Article VII of the constitution and require a 2/3 majority vote of members present, provided a notice of intention to amend the By-laws has been sent to all members in writing one month prior to meeting.

ARTICLE VI (Committees)

1. The president shall appoint all committees.

2. The following committees may be appointed, or others as deemed necessary.

    a. By -Law (shall meet annually)

    b. Website

    c. Social Media

    d. Newsletter

    e. Publicity/Public Relations

    f. Field Trips

    g. Program

    h. Ways and Means (treasurer to chair)

    i. Special events

    j. Audit

    k. Communication (secretary to chair)

    l. New Member

    m. Basic Level Photography

    n. Special Interest Group

    o. Nomination

Revised December 2017