The Human Element

The next meeting of the Mariposa Photo Club will take a slightly different approach as member John Little leads us in a discussion about the “Human Element”.  Many photographers work at removing signs of humanity from their images, from adjusting their point of view, waiting for cars and people to move on to removing signs of humanity in Photoshop.  The discussion will be centered on “Do signs of humanity (roads, trails, people, cars, buildings, fences, etc.) add or detract from an image?”

John will present a series of before/after images that show the same scene with and without the human element. Attendees are encouraged to discuss how the human element, or lack of, impacts the image.

Landscape with Human Element
Landscape No Human Element

John is retired scientist and professor, and splits his time between Tucson, Arizona, and Midpines, California. His goals in photography are to share his joy and awe of nature with others by photographing landscapes and natural patterns.

The below gallery is a sample of John’s photography:

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