Macro Photography

The next featured speaker of the Mariposa Photo Club is Krystle Hickman and she will be speaking about macrophotography, or getting really, really close to your subject.

Hickman’s particular interest is bees of every variety, but her technique can be applied to any small object. Based in Los Angeles, she is a TedX speaker, community scientist and photographer. Through artful photography, Krystle, strives to increase awareness of the decline in native bee species as well as highlight their biodiverse ecosystems. Her photography work has been featured in various online and print editorials.

Since 2019 Krystle has worked with gardens like the Los Angeles County Arboretum and Arlington Garden; regularly photographing and documenting their bee native habitats. Her aim is to keep accurate records of population changes. She is duplicating her research in the Mojave Desert, the Santa Monica Mountains and yards with native gardens.

To see more of Krystle’s amazing bee photography, check out this link!







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