Join us on September 11th at 6:30 pm for a program featuring Mariposa Photo Club member and photographer Mike Ahmadi.  Mike will talk to us about photographing with and developing film, and his process for creating digital images from film.  In his own words,

“Although I have embraced all the wonderful advantages that digital imaging offers me as a passionate photographer, I am most content when I using film as my medium.  Film allows me to both control every step of the process and enjoy both the photo taking and the experience of what I took at a later time.  Film forces me to slow down and think about the photograph and the composition.  Film is not any better or worse than digital photography, it is simply a different medium, with different characteristics, much like oil paint is different than watercolor.  I find film has more warmth and texture, while digital is more vivid and precise.”

You can view a sampling of Mike’s work here:

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