Join us at 6:30 pm on July 10th for what is sure to be a great program about the latest in cameras and equipment presented by Aaron Rogers, the Customer Service Manager and Photo Instructor at Horn Photo in Fresno.

Aaron Rogers has been a fixture at Horn Photo for nine years. His great joy, besides his wife and four young children, is sharing his passion for photography with others. You may have been helped by Aaron or taken one of his classes at Horn Photo. He is an expert on all of the camera brands that Horn Photo sells. 

In addition to being the Customer Service Manager at Horn Photo, Aaron is also a Horn Photo instructor.  Aaron’s philosophy is that photography is love.  He understands that “each customer, client, and friend comes through our doors for the purpose of extending, capturing, or showing their love. Photography is one way we can show love. It is how we capture those tiny little moments on hold on to them through the years.”

“Photography is a Super Power, helping people be able to stop time and preserve the moments of their lives. I love photography. I love to talk about it; I love to teach it; I love what I get to do at Horn Photo—I get to help people discover what they can do with photography! — Aaron Rogers”

As a working professional since 2006, Aaron has worked for photo labs, portrait studios, custom frame shops, and he was the primary editor and production manager for a fine art landscape photographer.  Aaron’s enthusiasm for photography is contagious. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to capture their life and loved ones through photography. His joy has been helping many customers go from slightly interested in photography to true professional photographers.

Horn Photo offers a lot to local photographers; from cameras and gear to prints, specialty prints and classes! Check out all Horn Photo has to offer here!

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