Every meeting features a photo share by our members.  There is a monthly theme for each photo share, and the theme is the same subject as that or our guest speaker’s topic.  Although we encourage our members to submit photos that follow the monthly theme, any two photos are accepted for our photo share and discussion. 

MPC believes in the power of discussion and constructive criticism. Each member starts the discussion of their photo with the “6 Ws” ; the Who, What, When, Where, Why and hoW (e.g. – “I took this photo of Bigfoot while traveling near Fairbanks, Alaska when his UFO crash landed in front of our RV at about 7:00 in the evening. I used my Sony A7III camera on manual at an aperture of f2.8, a 1/200th shutter-speed and ISO 400. I edited it in Adobe Lightroom to brighten it up a bit and crop in to better focus on the subject.” )  After a photo has been introduced, members discuss the image, ask questions and provide positive comments with the intent to help each other learn and demonstrate to our members how others view their images.

Positive constructive criticism can help each one of us grow as photographers.  Here are the MPC Keys to a Good Critique:

  • IMPACT Reigns Supreme!
  • Technical Considerations: Focus? Motion blur/camera shake? Proper exposure? Appropriate depth-of-field? Lighting? White balance? Appropriate color saturation?
  • Compositional Elements: Obvious subject? Appropriate orientation? Distracting elements? Straight horizon? Appropriate focal length, camera angle or perspective? Moving space? Appropriate crop?
  • Processing: Additional post-processing for improvement? Too much post-processing?
  • Unhelpful comments: “Wow”, “I like it”, “It’s nice”, “It’s beautiful”, “It works for me”, “I don’t like it”, “It’s ugly”, “I don’t get it”
  • Helpful Examples: “The subject is beautifully lit and color and tones look accurate.  However, I think a smaller aperture could have been used to achieve a larger depth-of-field to make all of the subject in focus.”


“You can clearly see the bird is the subject and the red coloring against the white background makes the bird stand out. I feel that cropping the image so the bird is off center and following the rule-of-thirds would strengthen this image.”

Not interested in critiques but still want to share your photos?  No problem!  You can still participate in our monthly photo share.  We’d love to see your images!


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